FitBit Battery Not Charging?

There are various reasons that can contribute to your charging problems such as:

  • the contacts might be dirty.
  • your charging sources, such as USB ports or plugs, might be defective
  • your FitBit charging cable or the base station might be defective

Try the following steps to address this issue:

  • Clean the charging contacts of your tracker
  • Try connecting to a different USB port. Your FitBit not be getting enough power to the port you are connected to or port might be defective.
  • Do not use USB hubs. It does not matter if they are powered or un-powered. These hubs are not reliable in terms of providing a consistent output to your tracker. Always connect directly into your computer’s USB port or a certified USB wall charger.
  • Reboot your tracker. It it works for Microsoft Windows, it migh work for you!

If you have tried all of the above and your FitBit is still not charging, please contact Customer Support at

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