Managing the Battery of Your FitBit Zip

The Fitbit Zip uses a 3V coin battery, CR2025, that looks like this :

It is replaceable, cheap and easy to find. You can buy it at any Walmart where they have that kiosk that holds different types of batteries. Each battery should last you an average of 6 months on normal use.

When the battery shows less than 25%, a low battery icon will show on your FitBit Zip and even on your profile. A flashing icon means you are close to zero percent and you  should replace it as soon as you can. If you let the battery totally drain, your data could be lost if your Zip has not been synced recently.

If your Fitbit Zip battery totally dies on you, just get a new 3V CR2025 and use the battery door tool (see below) to open and close the battery compartment. This is located on the back of your FitBit Zip. Don’t forget to recycle your old battery.

To optimize your battery life, always make sure that your firmware is always the latest version.

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