Gaiam Pedometer Plus Audio CD (Advanced Level)

Gaiam Pedometer Plus Audio CD (Advanced Level)

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Product Description

Get fit with one of America's top trainers with the Gaiam advanced-level pedometer fitness kit. Outfitted with a compact pedometer and a varying-intensity 60-minute workout CD hosted by famed fitness coach Debbie Rocker, the kit offers everything you need to get in shape while walking or jogging through your neighborhood. The pedometer itself is lightweight yet loaded with features, such as a step counter, distance log, calorie counter, clock, pulse rate sensor, stopwatch, and backlight. The audio CD, meanwhile, offers energizing, motivating music and guided instruction that's guaranteed to effectively increase your results. Rocker will coach you every step of the way, with posture tips, walking techniques, and upbeat reminders of your ultimate goal. The workouts have proven so effective that Rocker--one of the originators of Spinning--has accumulated an impressive collection of celebrity clients, including Marcia Cross, Lisa Rinna, Kristin Davis, Rachel Hunter, and Courtney Thorne-Smith. You can even download the CD onto an MP3 for your own personal coaching sessions. The pedometer comes with setup and usage instructions.

About Gaiam
Gaiam was created as a lifestyle company with the vision that, given a choice, people would choose a lifestyle that is healthy and life enhancing, for themselves, their families and the Earth. The Gaiam lifestyle is a vote for individual health as well as the future sustainability of the Earth’s resources. Gaiam strives to provide customers with alternatives to traditional products by offering natural or healthy versions that compare with the style, quality and price of conventional products.

Gaiam’s goal is to become the trusted source and unifying brand for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) participants. They understand that the opportunity to affect people’s lives with information and products is both a privilege and a responsibility. Gaiam believes in the concept of Conscious Commerce, the practice of making purchasing decisions based on personal values and beliefs. It takes into consideration all the aspects of our lives and the impact we have upon the planet. Research indicates this concept appeals to approximately 50 million people in the U.S. alone. Gaiam's strategy in delivering the distinctive quality for which they are known is to partner with experts in health/wellness, eco-living and personal development to develop proprietary products that meet our customers’ needs with meaningful solutions.

The name GAIAM is a fusion of the words Gaia (the name of Mother Earth from the Minoan civilization in ancient Crete), and I am reminds us that we are all interconnected with the Earth, the air and water, and very much a part of this living system that sustains us all.


  • Advanced-level pedometer fitness kit with 60-minute workout CD
  • Pedometer includes step counter, distance log, calorie counter, and pulse monitor
  • Workout CD is hosted by famed fitness coach Debbie Rocker
  • Combines posture tips, walking techniques, and goal reminders
  • Helps you develop endurance-building workout program; imported

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